Episode 86: Gaming 101: Controllers

Episode 86: Gaming 101: Controllers
In this week's episode the Thumbstick Athletes talk about the most important part of playing games on a console.....the controller.  Paddle, remote, joypad, whatever you want to call it, the controller helped shape console gaming into the juggernaut it is today.  The Athletes (minus one) go back into the history of the controller and discuss some of their favorites and pros and cons from the Atari 2600 all the way to current gen controllers.  Show notes and flash player after the jump:

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Episode 45: Gaming 101: Consoles

In this new episode type, Gaming 101, the Athletes touch on the broadest topic of all; consoles.  We break down the different consoles and talk exclusives as well as play some favorites.  Here's the notes:


00:01:45- Nibble Bits

00:10:30- what we did

 Corey- Girlfriend’s birthday, took her out to celebrate

 Eric-   Eric bought an iPhone, possibly joining an indoor soccer league

 Will-   Started working again on the golf course, neeeeeds $$$ and is accepting


 Dan-    Videogames help with driving? Listen to Dan’s story to find out how!

00:21:38 Return from break/main segment- Consoles and Exclusives

The Athletes talk about all the current generation consoles as well as the ever present PC. They  also talk about different exclusive games that you can only purchase for certain consoles.

01:27:41- return from break/feedback/news

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News- 01:33:35

Will- Cloud article

Corey-  Mario in Noir style

Eric- Video game detractors are becoming weirder and weaker & How video games and     

         porn are ruining a generation)

Dan- Sony interrupting game play with commercials

02:02:21 -What we played

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