Episode 12: Videogame Movie Adaptations

Episode 12 is (finally) available, and once again I apologize for the delay!  The title is pretty self-explanatory, in this episode we talk about videogame movies, good, bad and ugly.  The original title for this episode was just Videogame Movies, and 5 lucky listeners were somehow able to get the original upload.  I had to change the title when I re-uploaded the episode because it wouldn't let me upload two files with the same name, even though the first disappeared, there were still traces of it.  I'll go more into depth about the issue in our next episode which should be up at the usual time hopefully.  Thanks for being patient and you can get our newest episode in the usual spots or listen below.  Thanks again!!


Episode 11: Videogame Music Trivia

Dan, Eric and Will faceoff in round of videogame music trivia hosted by Corey.  Who comes out on top and was there a fistfight afterwards or an arguement over the rules?  The news stays light in this episode and NHL 12 still sucks.  There was some more Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 beta talk during the what we played this week segment.  As usual you can get it on iTunes, and now available in the Zune Marketplace as well as being able to listen on our flash player below.  Thanks for listening!


Episode 10: Budget Gaming

In our first double-digit episode, we list all of the ways (legal ways anyway) one can save money and still get a rich gaming experience.  It's a tough economy out there after all, and we only have your best interest in mind.  During this episode we have pictues taken of our ugly mugs by friend of the show Tyler Marbaker, and you can see those in our photos section of the website, and his twitter will be listed in our contributors section.  In the what we played this week, we do a review for Gears of War 3 (written review to come soon.)  Get the latest episode now on iTunes or listen below on our new flash player!


Episode 9: PC Gaming

In this episode we bring in a last minute guest host Adrienne to help discuss PC gaming with hosts Dan, Will, Corey and Eric.  We glossed over some of the larger upcoming fall PC releases, but were somewhat unprepared for this episode, making it a much shorter than usual.  Get it on iTunes (if you haven't already) or listen below on our fancy new flash player.

Thanks again to Adrienne for coming in last minute to talk PC gaming with us!