Watch Out For: A.N.N.E

Watch Out For: A.N.N.E

Under normal circumstances I would be reluctant to promote a game that is currently in the crowdfunding/kickstarter stage of development, but the indie platformer/RPG title A.N.N.E sets itself apart by having a playable demo at PAX East.  A lot of games on Kickstarter are in the absolute earliest stages of their development process and are fully reliant on pre-purchases to fund the creation of the game.  More after the jump!

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Episode 9: PC Gaming

In this episode we bring in a last minute guest host Adrienne to help discuss PC gaming with hosts Dan, Will, Corey and Eric.  We glossed over some of the larger upcoming fall PC releases, but were somewhat unprepared for this episode, making it a much shorter than usual.  Get it on iTunes (if you haven't already) or listen below on our fancy new flash player.

Thanks again to Adrienne for coming in last minute to talk PC gaming with us!