Episode 115: SteamOS

Episode 115: SteamOS

With Valve's monumental announcements last week, and our inability to get into GTA Online, Dan and Will do a rundown of the newly announced SteamOS, Steam Machines and Valve's new controller.  We talk about features, options, and what it will mean for PC gamers in the future all while trying to contain fanboyism.  Later on in the episode Eric talks more FIFA 14, Will hadn't had much time to play games, and Dan visits Gamestop to get Wind Waker HD.  Flash player and show notes contained within:

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Episode 72: Games We Missed in 2012

We all missed some games in 2012 right? Unfortunately none of us have the disposable income to be able to purchase all the games coming out, so we took this opportunity to play a game we wanted to that came out at some point this year. What we ended up playing were two indie titles, one platformer and one no show (due to illness.) Any guesses on who played what? Show notes after the jump:
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Episode 66: Gaming 101: Competitive Gaming

We decide to tackle (get it, tackle?.....Just watching some football) the subject of competitve gaming.  We even have someone in studio who has some experience in the competitive gaming or e-sports arena.  In the traditional Thumbstick Athletes way, we give a brief history lesson of the subject as well.  Here's the notes:

00:01:18- Teasers

-Borderlands 2 DLC, Lunar Silver Star Story Touch,

00:02:04- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Planetside 2 comes out November 20th, Guild Wars 2 has a Halloween Special gameplay, Xbox Smart Glass comes out on October 26th

-Corey- God of War Ascension preorder comes with the movie 300, Zynga has let go 5% of its employees and closed many studios

-Eric- Zynga has lost 160 million dollars this year, Borderlands Legends was announced,

00:10:10- Our Weeks

-Corey- Frank and Weenie, Most the PC Parts came, Third Party debate

-Dan- Little break from video games, phone problems

-Eric- Buffalo Bills game

00:31:55- Main Segment

01:10:00 Round Table

-Dan- Zynga’s troubles

-Eric-Nintendo Wii U’s losing money

01:26:20- What We’ve Played

-Dan- Borderlands 2 DLC

-Corey- Lunar Silver Star Story Touch

-Eric- Fifa 13


Episode 55: Videogame Drinking Games

Everyone of legal age has probably played some sort of drinking game right? Beer pong, flip cup, quarters, fingers, etc. are all fine examples, but how many have played a videogame drinking game? Now is the chance to do so, as the Athletes scoured the web for some of the better games to play while consuming your favorite adult beverage. Will wasn't present for this episode, and rightfully so, he is underage after all. Notes and flash player after the click!
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