Episode 83: PlayStation 4 Announcement

WIth the PS4 announcement hot off the presses, the Athletes breakdown their thoughts and questions with the two hour presentation still fresh in their minds. Was the announcement enough to sell the system? What was thought of the games shown during the presentation? Which, if any, of the Athletes will be getting the PS4 on day one? All of this plus our usual episode contents and Four in February progress in episode 83. Show notes after the jump:

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Episode 65: Dishonored

We do things a tad differently this week, with the main segment of the episode coming first instead of after the first break. Corey was a little bit late in joining us and had much more input during nibblebits having not played Dishonored. So let us know if you like the different format or not. Obviously Dishonored is getting some pretty rave reviews so find out what we think of it. Click through for the show notes:
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Ep. 64 Hangover: Aliens

In honor of the recently released XCOM: Enemy Unknown, we decide to talk about aliens.  From the Drake equation to some more crackpot theories about the exitstence of extraterrestrial life, and even some philosophical thoughts for those interested.  We could barely tie it back in to video games but talked a little XCOM and Mass Effect.  We did come up with a video game only topic to discuss on next week's hangover episode, so you have that to look forward to.  Here's the flash player: