Episode 21: Farewell Star Wars Galaxies

This episode is a doozy to say the least.  We spend close to 5 hours discussing the greatness that was the pre CU (combat upgrade) pre NGE (new game enhancements) Star Wars Galaxies, and at listener request discuss Skyrim a little more at legnth.  There was also a fairly heated arguement over some of the Spike TV Video Game Awards winners.  There is also (apparently) some Skyrim spoiler discussion after the final credits between special guest Chris and Corey.  Get it on iTunes/Zune Marketplace, listen on Stitcher or on the flash player below.  If any listeners have played SWG let us know what you thought, and whether you think Dan and Chris are way off base.

Character creation in SWG emulator

SWGemu project page (for those interested in trying it out)