Episode 146: Child of Light

Episode 146: Child of Light

We talk about the very anticipated Child of Light for this week's episode.  For the first time in awhile we all played the game our episode subject is on, so you get to hear the perspective of all of us.  Child of Light is the $15 JRPG (sort of a JRPG anyway) from Ubisoft with stunning art style and music that is amazing and a perfect compliment to it's subject.  We get into whether or  not we think Child of Light is more than it's pretty face as well as respond to some the criticisms levied against it. 

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Episode 60: Best of the PSOne

In this episode the Athletes talk about their top five Playstation One games. Because of Eric’s cousin, Corey was unable to join the episode; after all, it requires electricity to Skype. Chris comes in studio for the third time to fill in for the unavailable Corey and offer some PlayStation insight. CLick through for the show notes and flash player.
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Episode 41: Host's Choice

In our first episode with one of the hosts being skyped in from a remote location, we decide to have a host's choice episode with everyone bringing in a separate topic for discussion.  Topics ranged from gaming controversies to movie/game development correlations and even a proposal of sorts.  Here's the notes:

00:00;36 Nibble Bits

-Corey: Skrim DLC Dawnguard, Diablo 3 players have the option of global play, Nintendo confirmed self-published games will be available in digital form, Angry Birds Space became fastest growing mobile game, Uncharted designer leaves Naughty Dog, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 announced,  Portal 2 level editor and announced characters for Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.

-Eric: Xbox 360 for 90 dollars, new game Unfinished Swam.

-Will: Diablo 3 auction house fees announced and Zynga posts a loss of 85.4 million.

Dan- Steam coming to Linux, Fable Heroes released on XBLA, Calvin Johnson to appear on the Madden Cover.

00:08:50 Our Weeks

-Corey: Move to New York, also saw Cabin in the Woods, Corey’s going away party.

-Eric: Drinking, Trailer Park Boys and near death experience.

-Will: Rough couple days at school

-Dan: Quit his job and had his son’s first birthday party.

00:24:56 Main Segment Hosts Choice

-Corey:  The Top 10 Things the Game Industry Can Learn from Film Production: article on Gamasutra

Lesson 3 Story=Concept, Dan brings up Mass Effect.

-Will: Timed DLC and Exclusive DLC

-Eric: Black Ops 2, Is there still room for creativity?

-Dan: Dan’s campaign he’s starting. “Don’t vote, Play Halo”

01:03:23 Feedback

-Chase tells us about Sniper Elite

-We discuss the Black Ops 2 trailer

-We receive a hockey comments

01:20:00 News

-Eric talks about the Microsoft and Motorola dispute. Eric also talks about the Oslo shooter.

-Will: Stop Getting So Mad At Game Reviews

-Dan and Corey discuss Wii U launch content.


01:38:00 What We’ve Played

-Corey: Watched Sophie play Botanicula, he also played Soul Survivor and The Walking Dead Episode 1

-Eric: Trials Evolution, and Fifa 12 European Cup DLC

-Dan: More Witcher 2, Final Fantasy 6

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