Episode 62: FIFA 13/Torchlight 2

Two big releases this week in FIFA 13 and Torchlight 2.  What does Eric think of the new FIFA 13?  Will played FIFA for a little bit and Dan played the demo too, and the three Murtha's played Torchlight 2 together.  The Fall game release schedule is now in full swing with a new game seeming to come out every week so we'll have to lump some together and split others apart.  We'll keep you posted:

00:01:00: Teasers

00:01:17: Nibblebits:

-Valve releasing a 4 disc set of music from Portal, possible Ecco the Dolphin remake, free to play StarCraft 2 multiplayer?, Darksiders 2 DLC, Google predicts game sales through searches

00:10:20: Our Weeks:

-Dan- phone died

-Eric- Football, Coheed and Cambria concert

-Corey- got and iPhone 5

-Will- high school shenanigans

00:26:38: Main Segment:

-FIFA 13/Torchlight 2

01:16:13: Feedback

01:54:25: Roundtable Discussion

-Corey- Google search results predict game sales

-Will- Borderlands 2 gamer reaches max level in just under 48 hours straight

-Eric- reacting to movie criticism

02:13:56: What we Played:

-Corey- FTL, NHL 13

-Will- Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2

-Dan- Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2

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