Episode 99: E3 2013 Recap

This year's E3 was all about the games.  Yes, the new systems are coming out later this year and there was much discussion and controversy about them, but really people wanted to see what the new systems were capable of playing game-wise.  Luckily we were not disappointed on that front, as new games were hurled at us at a frantic pace, especially by Microsoft, who was desperately trying to make up for their bungled console reveal.  There wont be any specific show notes this week, as the first three hours of this week's episode were spent recapping as much as we could from E3, and last 40 minutes on feedback and what we played.  Flash Player after the jump:

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Episode 46: E3 2012 Recap

Even without nibblebits or news, and missing a member of the crew, we still manage a lengthy episode recapping this year's E3.  With tons of information to cover we decided to break up the main segment into two separate segments and put feedback on the end before "what we played."  So here's the notes:

00:02:00- Teasers:  Crusader Kings II, Dragon’s Dogma, Gaikai

00:05:00- Our Weeks

-Corey: followed E3 closely, signed up for Blockbuster All Access and Gamefly

-Will: prom weekend, didn’t go but partied afterward

-Dan: also followed E3 closely, watch TMNT 2, blast from the past

00:14:44- Break

00:13:30- Microsoft

-SmartGlass, games and Kinect integration

00:54:40- EA

-games, UFC license

01:12:44- Break

01:14:12- Ubisoft

-games, especially Watch Dogs

01:35:53- Sony

-Wonderbook, games and some Vita specific games

01:54:28- Nintendo

-Wii U info, games for the new system

02:20:45- Miscellaneous

-Star Wars 1313, etc.,

02:37:53- Break

02:39:17- Feedback

03:03:26- What we Played

-Will: beat Diablo III, purchased Diablo II and had trouble installing

-Corey: Dawn of Discovery, Crusader Kings II, Gaikai

-Dan: beat Dragon’s Dogma, hopefully posting review soon

The format of this episode was changed a bit for anyone who's listening to this as their first episode, and we'll be back to the normal format for this week's episode.  You can find our podcast on iTunes/Zune Marketplace/Stitcher or listen on the flash player below.


E3 Presentations

The first press presentation was Microsoft early on monday (in LA anyway) where Halo 4 gameplay was shown and SmartGlass was officially revealed.  The new Splinter Cell, Tomb Raider, and Gears of War games were also shown along with a small number of Kinect games too. 


Electronic Arts was next, announcing their newest games.  Although there were no new intellectual properties, the new Medal of Honor and Crysis games impressed with their stunning graphics.  EA also announced a partnership with UFC, giving EA the exclusive rights to making the next several years worth of Ultimate Fighting Championship games. 


Ubisoft's presentation, hosted by Aisha Tyler, was almost unanimously voted the best of the bunch.  With the stunning new IP's Watch Dogs and ZombiU, and much anticipated games like Assassins Creed 3, Far Cry 3, and the new Splinter Cell, Ubisoft came out swinging in this very games oriented E3.


Sony also stepped up their game with two brand new IP's of their own in Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us.  God of War: Ascension and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale solidified their games line up for the PS3.  A little (literally little) love was given to the Vita and Sony also announced and demoed the Wonderbook. 


Last, but certainly not least, came Nintendo's presentation.  Most were clamoring for any info they could get on the WiiU, and Nintendo gave a decent list of some games to expect.  Pikmin 3, Super Mario Brothers U, and Rayman: Legends were some of the expected announcements, but ZombiU and Lego City Undercover were generally the talk of Nintendo's presser.


Thanks to IGN for posting all the press conferences in full on youtube, subscribe to their channel for more E3 news.