Episode 92: Just the News

Since out nibblebits segment has been getting really long with the news in gaming over the past few months, we went with an episode dedicated solely to news.  Plus the topic we were initially going to do initially backfired somewhat forcing our hand at the last minute.  Later on in the episode there's some more EA hate and some new games to talk about.  Show notes and flash player after the jump.

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Episode 62: FIFA 13/Torchlight 2

Two big releases this week in FIFA 13 and Torchlight 2.  What does Eric think of the new FIFA 13?  Will played FIFA for a little bit and Dan played the demo too, and the three Murtha's played Torchlight 2 together.  The Fall game release schedule is now in full swing with a new game seeming to come out every week so we'll have to lump some together and split others apart.  We'll keep you posted:

00:01:00: Teasers

00:01:17: Nibblebits:

-Valve releasing a 4 disc set of music from Portal, possible Ecco the Dolphin remake, free to play StarCraft 2 multiplayer?, Darksiders 2 DLC, Google predicts game sales through searches

00:10:20: Our Weeks:

-Dan- phone died

-Eric- Football, Coheed and Cambria concert

-Corey- got and iPhone 5

-Will- high school shenanigans

00:26:38: Main Segment:

-FIFA 13/Torchlight 2

01:16:13: Feedback

01:54:25: Roundtable Discussion

-Corey- Google search results predict game sales

-Will- Borderlands 2 gamer reaches max level in just under 48 hours straight

-Eric- reacting to movie criticism

02:13:56: What we Played:

-Corey- FTL, NHL 13

-Will- Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2

-Dan- Borderlands 2, Guild Wars 2

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