Episode 121: Game of the Generation

With the impending release of the next generation of consoles upon us, the Athletes decide to try and iron out what we, as a group, think is the best game of the generation.  Some of the titles in our individual lists are ones you would expect, like Mass Effect, Skyrim, and The Last of Us, but there's also a few that are a little off the board but valid in their own right.  Listen as the Athletes lists the pros and cons of each game and finally settle on one title in particular that all can agree on, at least for now....flash player inside.

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Episode 34: What we Played

Our episode title this week is just a fancy way of saying that we're going to be talking some more Mass Effect 3, since the title of the past two episodes have Mass Effect in the title.  Of course we discuss a few other things, so here's the notes:

00:00:37 Nibble Bits

Will starts us off with: Fallout New Vegas developer Obsidian layoffs – Play SWTOR Free This Weekend – EA releases a patch to prevent FIFA hacks.

00:02:37 Eric’s nibble bits are: Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition – Xbox Live Arcade games will offer double the Gamerscore – February games sales slide – Mass Effect 3 shipment numbers.

00:05:50 Corey mentions how to get Diablo III for free and Boondock Saints: the video game.

00:07:02 Dan’s bits include: Blizzard shelves Diablo III PvP – Valves dismisses rumors of steambox PC console.

00:10:00 Our Weeks

Including weigh ins, family parties, Mass Effect 3 all-nighters, and Mario Williams as a Buffalo Bill.

00:19:40 Music Break

00:21:12 Main Segment

In this extended edition of what we played, Corey and Eric retract their Draw Something criticisms, but with a disclaimer.  Eric keeps trucking through Mass Effect 2. Dan, Will and Eric share their thoughts on Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, including how multiplayer affects single player.  Finally, Dan weighs in on the controversial Mass Effect 3 ending.

01:00:27 Music Break

01:01:57 News

Will’s article talks about most of what’s wrong with people. Also… nice.

Eric voices BioWare Director Casey Hudson’s opinion on the Mass Effect 3 ending.

Dan talks nitpicky play styles in video games, as according to legendary game maker, Sid Meier.

Corey asks why bother with physical consoles?

As usual you can find our podcast on Zune/iTunes/Stitcher or on the flash player below.  On a side note, our blog post is up on schedule!!  Huzzah!