Episode 103: 5 Hardest Games

This episode was a bit hard for us to take, and not just because we were talking about our hardest games.  Dan's third-world-country quality internet service, provided by the eternally crummy Time Warner Cable, wasn't solid enough to even hold on long enough for an audio only Skype call. Due to Time Warner's incompetence we had to jettison the Brooklyn studio for this episode, leaving Corey out in the cold. Dan, Eric and Will carried on though, delivering a shortened episode after the wind had been taken out of their sails.  Show notes after the jump:

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Episode 39: Unfinished Business

We all have game that we don't finish, whether we dislike the game, lose interest or start playing something else.  So the Athletes invite special guest Todd, who has hardly finished any of his more recent game purchases, to discuss the topic.  Here's the notes:

Featuring Fez, Legends of Grimrock, Pottermore and why we don’t finish games!

00:00;36 Nibblebits

00:02;00 Will: Rovio turns down Zynga’s offer – Halo 4’s release date – Dishonored trailer

00:04;20 Dan: Darksiders 2 moved back to August – Narrowing of the Madden 13 cover candidates

00:05;20 Eric: Nintendo will show off new Mario game  and Pikmin at E3 – James Bond’s glorious return to consoles

00:09;50 Corey: More Dark Souls for PC details

00:11;00 How was our week (Including our guest Todd’s top 5)

00:26;54 Main Segment: Why don’t we finish games?

We break down all the games we’ve played without beating by discussing the reasons behind their abandonment.

01:02;35 Feedback

We discuss whether there will be and what kind of Mass Effect 3 sequels we’d like to see. 

We’re asked who the biggest gamer is out of us.                                                

Also poo talk.

01:09;50 News

Dan discusses some demonstrations of new games by Nintendo at E3 which prompts the question: What are we looking forward to seeing at E3.

01:15;45 Eric talks sexuality in video games

01:20;30 Will brings in some pedophile chatter.

Corey and the gang postulate what kind of game Super Mario 4 might be.

01:29;14 What we Played

Todd talks Pottermore, Infamous, God of War 1, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age.

Corey really likes Legends of Grimrock.

Dan and Will discuss the new Mass Effect 3 DLC.

01:48;10 Eric keeps on trucking with Call of Duty.

Eric and Will try out the new XBLA game, Fez.

01:59;20 Dan tries Sid Meier’s Pirates on his Windows phone and concludes with The Witcher 2 on Xbox 306.

This episode also contains some hockey playoff discussion after the outro, so if you're interested in the sport or just want to listen to us blabber on some more, feel free to give it a listen.  As usual you can find the Thumbstick Athletes Podcast on Zune/iTunes/Stitcher or you can listen below. 

Valentine's Day 2012

Despite it's status as a "Hallmark Holiday" Dan and Eric celebrate Valentine's Day by having their wives in studio to talk some games.  Annmarie talks a little Skyrim and goes a little more into depth on the big transition from mostly Mario games to last year's epic RPG.  Val relates her fairly extensive NES gaming background and why mobile gaming is mostly her focus at this point.  Some gaming anger stories make it into the end of the episode to finish off our very first Valentine's Day special, which can be found on iTunes/Zune/Stitcher or below!