Episode 64: XCOM

In this episode the Athletes talk about Firaxis and 2k games new release called XCOM Enemy Unknown. Also in the episode Wrist Controller and the new Walking Dead Episode 4 is talked about.


00:00:54- Teasers

-The Walking Dead Episode 4, NBA 2k13, Dungeons of Dredmor, Wrist Mounted Controllers

00:01:19- Nibble Bits

-Eric- Rayman Legends has been delayed until next year, Call of Duty Declassified will not have Zombie mode, Sleeping Dogs first DLC coming out October 16th.

-Will- The Walking Dead Episode 4 is out for 5 dollars, Modern Warfare 2 fan favorite map Favela taken out of the map rotation due to Muslim gamers, Borderlands 2 DLC getting its first bit of DLC, NHL 13 Hercules Check video

-Dan- Capcom says there is no paid DLC on new Resident Evil disk, Gears of War movie is back in production, new Super Mario Bro Wii U game runs in 1080P

-Corey-Rockstar packaging their biggest games together for 60 dollars shipping in November, Two Xbox gamers are battling for the first to get a million Gamerscore, Angry Birds Star Wars launches November 8th

00:08:56- Weeks

-Corey- Newark Valley Apple Fest and Corn Maze

-Will- School, work

-Eric- Nothing

-Dan- Beat Borderlands 2, Steam Midnight release of XCOM

00:17:03- Main Segment

XCOM Enemy Unknown

01:00:40- Feedback

01:32:31- Roundtable

-Corey- Would you care if in Assassin’s Creed did away with the Animus storyline

-Eric- Wrist mounted controllers for Kinect.

01:50:00- What We Played

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, Beat Borderlands 2,

-Corey- Faster Than Light, Medal of Honor, Dungeons of Dredmor

-Eric- NBA 2k13

-Will- Guild Wars 2, Fifa 13, Borderlands 2, Diablo 2, The Walking Dead Episode 4

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Episode 27: Exergaming

Has anyone given up on their New Year's resolution to lose weight yet?  Fear not, as in this week's episode we cover exergaming, or playing videogames for the sole purpose of exercising.  Though it only recently became more mainstream and popular, exergaming has roots all they way back to the 1980's on Atari 2600 and the NES.  We cover the history of exergaming to its first mega hit in Dance Dance Revolution, all the way up to today's Kinect games and Wii Fit.  Get the episode now on iTunes/Zune Marketplace/Stitcher or listen below.