Nintendo NX Console Speculation: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 206

There's been some interesting and vague mentions of Nintendo's next console, the NX, in interviews with some of their top execs lately.  Coupled with the generally poor showing for the Wii U at this year's E3, and people are generally thinking the Wii U might not be around much longer.  Nintendo came out and said they didn't want to show anything for the NX at E3 because they didn't want competitors to copy their ideas, which leaves us with only speculation and  microanalyzing every word of Iwata.  Rumors have popped up in the past 24-48 hours that the new Nintendo could be going to into production as early as October this year, and launch summer of next year.  Yeah...we figured it was a good time to speculate on what we think Nintendo has cooking.

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