Miscellaneous E3 Game Videos

The first one of interest is from Star Wars 1313 which looks incredible graphically and led many to speculate that it will be a next generation title for Microsoft and Sony.  Some even believed the game was quietly running the new Unreal Engine 4 (which is further down in this post.)  It was confirmed however that Star Wars 1313 was running on a "heavily modified" Unreal 3 engine and on a top-of-the-line PC. 

Star Wars 1313

This is the new Luminous Studio Engine from Square Enix showing off what's going to be possible with the next round of Final Fantasy games.  Many E3 antendees were thoroughly impressed by this video (myself included, though from my computer chair.)  This video is doing nothing but fueling my desire for the next generation systems. This tech demo is titled Agni's Philosophy.

Luminous Studio tech demo

Next is Epic's tech demo for the Unreal Engine 4, which will no doubt power many next generation games.  The release of this video was kind of a farewell to this year's E3, coming pretty much after the Expo had wrapped up.

Unreal Engine 4

Sure, it's pretty and all, but this next video goes much more into explaining the demo and different features and amazing capabilities of Unreal 4.

This is a brief Dishonored gameplay video featuring Co-Creative Directors for the game, Raphael Colontonio and Harvey Smith, as well as the lovely Morgan Webb of G4.  This is one of the games I'm most looking forward to this fall, so seeing it in action made the wait seem that much more agonizing.

Dishonored Gameplay

This next game I've been following for a little while and some of the stuff that came out about it at E3 blew me away.  The game in question is Planetside 2 and during the video they announce (not sure if it was known before or not) that it will be completely..........FREE TO PLAY!!!!  I don't even have to buy the game!!!  Plus it looks great!!  So here it is.....

Planetside 2

If I catch anything else interesting, or remember some of the awesome stuff I saw, I'll be sure to post it.