Cuphead: Podcast Episode 324

Cuphead podcast episode cover image

Cuphead is a complete ripoff of 1950s platformers, had they existed.

Live recording: Twitch at 8:30pm ET on Thursday 10/5

Prior to recording, this page is a preview, afterwards it will act as show notes with time codes and all that good stuff. See, we're eco friendly here at Thumbstick Athletes, conserving pages and thus the environment.

Main Segment: Cuphead


  • Nioh is coming to PC!
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer is out:


Dan: Got himself a SNES classic
Corey: Learns what open road tolls are

What We Played:


Game Giveaway / Football locks:

A List of the 2015 Console Exclusives

A List of the 2015 Console Exclusives

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