Episode 104: Dynasty Warriors 8

Will took over for this episode, carrying the main segment himself in talking about Dynasty Warriors 8.  We also decided to do a slight change in format starting this week, switching the "What we Played" segment with Feedback and Roundtable.  It seemed to work out pretty well, as we talked about the games we've played earlier in the episode when we have a little more energy.  Show notes after the jump:

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Episode 101: The Last of Us/Company of Heroes 2

Two releases to discuss this week, The Last of Us, which we can finally cover in depth, and Company of Heroes 2.  Both games, at least at this point, only had one of us that played them, so Eric and Will pretty much roll solo for explaining their respective games.  Later on we decide who should make the cut for the new Smash Bros, as well as some more new system talk.  Show notes and flash player after the jump....

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Episode 88: BioShock Infinite

In this week's episode, the Thumbstick Athletes cover the critically acclaimed BioShock Infinite.  Ken Levine's latest entry in the BioShock series seems to have found it's place amongst the great game in history, and like any great piece of art in history, stirred up some controversy along the way.  PAX east was also this past weekend so the Athletes do a quick recap on some of the more major announcements from the convention.  Show notes and flash player after the jump.
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Episode 42: Best of the NES

In this week's episode we relive some classic gaming when we discuss some of best games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  We all give our top 5 lists as well a talk about some of the great games we may not have played but deserve some kudos.  Here's the notes:

Nibble bits: 00:02:04

Corey- Bio-shock moved to2/26/13

            EA Released EA Humble Indie Bundle last week

            SWTOR lost 400,000 subscribers

            Rumors of Wii-u game titles


 Eric-    Elder Scrolls online confirmed for 2013

                        Set 100- years before Skyrim

            Angry birds has hit 1 BILLION downloads

            Adventure-time on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network

Will-    Snowbound Area

            Kingdom Hearts should come back to consoles

            Zynga to go to court…

Dan-    South Park RPG Name leaked on XBOX Live stick of truth

            Nokia/Rovio Angry Birds Space coming to windows phone.

            As of 3/31 30 million Skylanders figurines


How was our week: 00:11:20

Corey- got to enjoy his week a little more, saw some bands, went to a Yankee game on Tuesday night, looked for a job, studied, did some podcast work

Will- Baseball and school

Eric- went to the bar spent 50 bucks, (7 or 8 weeks in a row,) played some darts and did quite well.

Dan- last day at Wegmans yesterday, normal shift, Band show dates.


Return from break: 00:18:50 Best NES games

Top 5 lists:


Corey: Gauntlet 2

Eric:     WWF Wrestle Mania

Will:    Excite Bike

Dan:    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


Corey: Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers

Eric:     Duck Hunt

Will:    Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Dan:    Baseball Stars

You get the idea; listen to the episode for the rest of the list.


Honorable Mentions: 00:44:20


News: 01:11:15

Corey: The Key to Depth Simplicity


Eric: Binghamton’s 4 Noble Truths: The way I lived them

Dan: Company of  Heroes 2 will make you…


What we played: 01:35:30


Will: Battlefield 3,

Eric: Purchased Harry Potter Lego for the wife, played it together, Walking Dead game,

Corey: War Game European Escalation,

Dan: The Secret World beta, The Witcher 2

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