Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 189

Though Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate came out in mid February, and with us not being veterans of the series, we wanted to give it plenty of time before we tried to cover it during an episode.  Even after being 30 hours in, I'm still learning new mechanics and features in Monster Hunter.  We had all heard from various places that MH4U was a great starting point for newcomers to the series, to which we couldn't agree more.  It strikes a nice balance of showing you new things but also testing you in the knowledge you've already gained from playing it.  Find out our thoughts on Monster Hunter 4 during the episode as well as some coverage of GDC announcements during nibblebits.

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Dragon's Dogma Review


Two weeks before the release of Dragon’s Dogma, I had barely heard anything about the game.  Occasional references about “cool battles” from the previous year’s E3 were all that hit my eyes and ears regarding the upcoming RPG.  And the developer/publisher was… Capcom?  Definite pass, as I had my falling out with JRPG’s some time ago.  But  a review from a certain gaming publication ultimately piqued my interest.  Surprisingly, Dragon’s Dogma was not a typical Japanese RPG, but was done in the more western RPG, open-world style and was getting some pretty good reviews too. 

Still not willing to commit I decided it was best to download the demo from Xbox Live.  The first of two demos had me standing in an open grassy field featuring a run-down castle in the distance, where my party of 4 battled a giant flying griffon.  I didn’t really know what was going on at the time but I either figured out or was shown how to fire arrows at the giant beast. 

“Kind of neat!” I thought to myself.  Then the magic of Dragon’s Dogma began to shine.  One of my party members called for me to go near them so I obliged.  As I neared the knight, I was flung high into the air in the vicinity of the enraged griffon.  My previously (fairly) helpless character grabbed onto the feathers of the beast and began furiously stabbing with his free hand.  I was immediately sold.  The mage in the party set the mighty griffon aflame, sending him crashing back down to earth and flinging me like a rag doll into some nearby boulders. 


A magick archer in action.

The battle quickly finished with the griffon grounded and in flames.  Just from the excitement of that battle alone I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the game.

It turns out Dragon’s Dogma has some pretty impressive features, including the Pawn system, which I’ll get into in a bit and recommend that people check out. 


Graphics:  Dragon’s Dogma has beautiful graphics, complete with impressive landscapes, castles and ruins that made the world feel lived in, telling a tale of former glory.  Nighttime is incredibly dark making for difficult travel, especially at lower levels.  Excellent looking monsters and some of the best looking people graphically that I’ve seen in any game populate the world.


Epic battles against large enemies are a normal occurance in Dragon's Dogma.

Epic Battles: The primary allure of Dragon’s Dogma is fighting large and dangerous trolls, dragons, griffons, etc.  Each of these battles with the game’s mighty beasts takes a different turn or features different circumstances This helps keep the game and particularly combat feeling fresh.  There’s always something more dangerous waiting in the dark just when you start to feel most comfortable.

Pawn System: At the beginning of the game, the player creates their own “main pawn” which they can customize until their heart’s content.  Looks, abilities, equipment, and behavior are all controlled after creation.  Your pawn is then available for other players to summon into their games to help with quests and exploration.  The knowledge your pawn gains while adventuring with other players is used by you to assist in finding weaknesses against enemies, hidden treasures, and directions to different places.  The player is allowed a party of four, so the help of two pawns from other players is all but required.  The player can summon pawns based on class, abilities, level, etc., or just hire pawns that are wandering around the game world.


Excessive Backtracking: The game lacks any sort of consistent fast travel system, requiring the player to trek long distances over some of the same paths over and over again to accomplish objectives.  Not a total negative, as it forces the player to be a tad more resourceful with travelling.  I just ended up doing all the possible missions in an area before heading back to home base, but it still would take a considerable amount of time to get to that point. 

Story Disconnect:  There doesn’t seem to be a clear explanation of the reasons behind many of the main story missions.  I can’t tell how what I am doing is helping with the main story objective.  The story is good in my opinion, but some of the story missions seem off topic and just lead to confusion.


Dragon’s Dogma is definitely a pleasant surprise and well worth full retail price.  I probably spent a solid 65 to 70 hours playing and could easily spend more.  At this point it’s by far my favorite game of the year topping Diablo 3, Kingdoms of Amalur and even Mass Effect 3.  If you like open world RPG’s this one is definitely worth a look!

SCORE: 8.9