Episode 74: Apocalypse Games

Despite the fact the apocalypse didn't happen on the 21st of December, we list our favorite games containing (in one way or another) the end of the known world. In some games the end of the world had already happened, and in one of Dan's games the world ends during the game. Click through for show notes, flash player below!
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Episode 72: Games We Missed in 2012

We all missed some games in 2012 right? Unfortunately none of us have the disposable income to be able to purchase all the games coming out, so we took this opportunity to play a game we wanted to that came out at some point this year. What we ended up playing were two indie titles, one platformer and one no show (due to illness.) Any guesses on who played what? Show notes after the jump:
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Episode 70: Indie Game: The Movie

The Thumbstick Athletes take on movie reviewing this week after watching Indie Game: The Movie, available now on Netflix.  Find out what the Athletes thought of the movie that followed the creators of Fez, Super Meat Boy, and to a lesser extent Braid.  Indie Game: The Movie does a nice job of going behind the scences of the development process and explores some of the personal struggles one could anticipate when undergoing such a project.  Here's the notes:


00:01:26- Nibble Bits

-Dan- Planetside 2 launched, GOG has an Indie Game sale, New Borderlands 2 DLC

-Eric- Karaoke app for the Xbox 360, Treyarch took Nuketown off the playlist for Black Ops II, ESPN app improvements

-Will- Wii U will not be getting the upcoming Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3, Wii U owners should not unplug consoles during Firmware updates, Okan Kaya played Black Ops II for 122 hours, Minecraft Players make the Midgar in game.

-Corey- Google Maps is coming back to the IOS, Wii U charges 50 cents to register a minor for online, 343 is looking for developers with MMO experience

00:18:35- Our Weeks

-Corey- Went to local bars

-Will- Let my friend borrow Black Ops II, First Report card

-Eric- Divorce

-Dan- Guild Wars 2, 1984

00:28:39- Main Segment

01:07:33- Feedback

01:38:11- Round Table

-Will- New Karaoke App for the 360

-Eric- Square Enix asking for opinions on gay marriage for new Final Fantasy

-Corey- Should the new Mass Effect be a prequel or sequel to the Mass Effect trilogy

01:51:50- What We’ve Played

-Corey- Sleeping Dogs, Soul Caster, Halo 4

-Eric- Halo 4, Fifa, Call of Duty

-Dan- Level 80 on Guild Wars 2

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Episode 68: Halo 4

Halo 4 is finally out, so we give our initial impressions of Microsoft's flagship gaming franchise.  This is the first installment in a new trilogy starring Master Chief from new developer 343 Industries.  Find out if the multiplayer is as good as you've been hearing (in our opinion) and if it holds up to the standard set by previous titles.  Here's the notes:

00:00:19 – Teasers

-Xbox Smartglass App, Lego Lord Of The Rings

00:00:35 – Nibble Bits

-Dan- THQ delays some of its more popular games, Microsoft released plans for a gaming tablet, Ubisoft confirms Watchdogs for 2013

-Will- Xbox Smartglass App released, Microsoft Halo 4 mulitplayer promotion

-Corey- Call of Duty Black Ops II leaked onto the Internet, Diablo III will be getting an Expansion for 2013

-Eric- Assassin’s Creed Anthology, Wii U Kiosks in coming to stores, Bethesda new DLC called Dragonborn

00:07:49 – Our Weeks

-Corey- Hurricane Sandy damage, Guild Wars 2, Nor’easter

-Will- High School football games

-Eric- Buffalo Bills game

-Dan- New York Giants game

00:22:09 – Main Segment

00:53:36 Feedback


-Dan- Xbox Smartglass

-Will- Starcraft 2 Hearts of the Swarm

-Corey- Guy remembers his gaming buddy in his will

-Eric- Politics

02:01:38 – What We’ve Played

-Eric- Assassin’s Creed III

-Will- Modern Warfare 2

-Dan- Assassin’s Creed 3, Guild Wars 2

-Corey- Assassin’s Creed 3, Guild Wars 2