Dragon Age: Inquisition: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 177

Dragon Age: Inquisition: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 177

We waited a long time after release to do our review episode of Dragon Age: Inquisition.  It was, after all, an extremely long game clocking in at over 100 hours for completionists.  As you probably know by now, we don't get early or review copies of games and have to buy or borrow everything we play, so we wanted to make sure we gave Dragon Age a good chunk of time before trying to review it.  Find out what we thought of the 2014 Game Awards Game of the Year award winner.

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Episode 82: Top 5 Shooters

With the lack of Corey this week and Four in February still going strong, we decide to tackle an easy top 5 this week and pick our 5 favorite shooters. To clarify, this doesn't necessarily just mean FPS games but also third person and various hybrids will also work, as long as the primary game mechanic is......shooting. We're also trying to avoid talking about the same games over and over again so we try not to bring up our top 5 or 10 games of all time in these lists. I'll have to get a list going someplace on the website so we can keep track and make sure not to keep revisiting the same games over and over. We also plan on revisiting our favorite games lists at some point, as they've no doubt changed somewhat over the course of the last year and a half.

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Episode 44: Star Wars Games

In this week's episode we touch on a handfull of the vast library of Star Wars videogames.  With around 145 different entries, we only had time to discuss the more notable games and the ones we actually had experience with.  Here's the notes:

Nibble Bits

0:02:00 Will

-New Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC called Rebellion Pack

-New Minecraft update adding Creative Mode

-Bioware Austin branch is letting go of developers  from the SWTOR team

0:03:28 Eric

- Minecraft sold over 400,000 copies on its first week on XBLA

0:05:01 Corey

-Leaked game from the Bungie, named Destiny

-Tony Hawk Pro Skater music is announced

-David Shaw recommend the Xbox 360 be banned in America

-6.3 Million own Diablo 3.

-Dead Island Game Of the Year Edition all DLC packs for 30 Dollars

-Kinect competitor supposedly 100 times more accurate than Kinect

0:13:19 Dan

-Friaxis XCOM Enemy Unknown comes out October 9th for PC

-Comcast raises monthly data cap from 250 GBs to 300 GBs

-World of Warplanes enters closed beta

-Skyrim update 1.6 adds horse combat for PC players.

Everyone’s Weeks

0:14:58 Corey

-Went to a restaurant and saw Elvis Impersonator

0:16:55 Will

-Intense Baseball games, finished up baseball season

0:18:44 Eric

-Poor Tyler

-Annemarie graduated from college

0:21:41 Dan

-At a wedding

- Finished up Diablo3

-Went to midnight release for Ghost Recon, but bought Dragons Dogma

Main Segment


Star Wars video games!




-We get our super powers



1:37:23 Corey

-Corey’s article discusses why Diablo 3 being an online all the time game makes it a better game

-The athletes agree and disagree with the points in the article

1:44:43 Will & Eric

-Will’s article is about the shutdown of 38 Studios and Big Huge Games

-Eric also talks about the studio shut downs

1:55:10 Dan

-Dan’s article talks about how the Lakers losing help out E3


What We’ve Played


2:00:53 Eric

-Eric starts the Uncharted series


2:03:52 Corey

-Corey beats Tower of Fortune

-Corey tried out DC Universe Online, and talks about how the MMO works on a console

2:13:22 Dan

-Dan beat Diablo 3 and starts Nightmare difficulty

-Dan buys Dragons Dogma and discusses the game

2:40:00 Will

-Played Torchlight 1

-Played the Torchlight 2 beta

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