Episode 36: Final Fantasy 6 Revisited

We play an old favorite for this week's episode.  Joining us in studio is Chris, guest host for Ep. 21 and logtime FF6 fan, to help us relive the game.  Eric is also a Final Fantasy 6 first-timer so listen to find out what he thinks about it.  Here's the notes:

00:00;35 Nibblebits

00:02;30 Eric brings in some leaked and alleged details on the PS4.

00:08;50 Dan talks Gamestop Gamecube tradeins.

Corey pimps the new Audiosurf game coming this summer.

00:13;00 Will brings up Angry Birds Space, and we talk some WiiU.

00:32;00 Music Break

00:33;08 Main Segment

We drop the air anchor and delve into quite possibly the greatest game of all time: Final Fantasy 6.

01:53;37 Feedback


Eric and Dan discuss why no used games on consoles might be a good thing.

Will and Corey talk about Shay Pierce taking a stand against Zynga and holding on to his integrity.

What We Played

Angry Space and Mass Effect 3 dominate the conclusion to this episode.

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