Middle Earth: Shadow of War Part 2 - Podcast Episode 326

Middle Earth Shadow of War podcast episode cover image

Dan and Corey were sluggin' some grog and sharing tales of triumph over the orcish horde when none other but Shelob the spider thing entered the frame, pulling a chair to their table.

"Hey boys!" she cackled, half in the bag. "You podcastin'?" She spun the chair on a single leg like AC Slater at the school dance and popped a squat.

"Go away, spider lady!" Corey grumpily spat before nipping at his pint.

Shelob pulled away rolling her eyes at the nerds.

Annoyed, the boys returned to story telling (on principal). And that's how episode 326 was born.

As is standard, this page acts as a preview to the episode before its release and show notes after the episode is recorded.

Main Segment:

Middle of Earth: Shadow of War

Dan and Corey talk more specifics about Strongholds in Shadow of War.


Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to be the last mainline games on the 3DS. https://t.co/c81cyMg68K

There's An Easter Egg On Russian Vans That Lets You Play Tetris On The Dashboard http://jalopnik.com/theres-an-easter-egg-on-russian-vans-that-lets-you-play-1819479645

New Xbox brings new fixes to the Master Chief Collection. https://t.co/RvhsJLTaz2

Looks like we have to wait until spring next year for Age Of Empires definitive edition. https://t.co/6McesXbhiX

Is EA’s next Star Wars game in trouble? https://twitter.com/gamespot/status/920952720298831872

The latest Switch update includes some nice featureshttps://twitter.com/destructoid/status/920814707191070720


  • Corey recommends Bronx brewery beer and the New York Yankees
  • Eric has been watching Mindhunter, his buddy Geoff is coming to visit, going to see Third Eye Blind
  • Will's excited for Fire Emblem Warriors
  • Dan got a wireless charger for his phone and 128GB micro SD for his Nintendo Switch

What We Played:

  • Eric's been farming with Stardew Valley
  • Will played and beat Mario + Rabbid's Kingdom Battle

Feedback / Game Giveaway / Football Locks: