Destiny: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast 165

Destiny is finally out.  We all at last get to see if it lives up to unrealistically lofty expectations.  One of the Athletes even bought a next-gen system because Destiny looked so awesome (it was Dan in case you were wondering).  We even waited an extra week to give Destiny the full amount of time Bungie suggested to get the whole picture.  Without further ado...our review of Destiny.  (Thus far)

Show Notes

Main Segment: 00:01:50


Nibblebits: 00:46:26

Dan: Smash Bros. for Wii U possible November release date

Will: Smash Bros. 3DS demo out now

Eric: Bloodborne coming February 6th

Corey: Final Fantasy 13 trilogy coming to PC


Our Weeks: 01:07:17

Corey: started, and is writing for a hockey blog, Extra Life Team, bought Zombii U

Eric: Bills game, soccer, gaming

Dan: gaming

Will: Concerts, iPhone 6


What We Played: 01:17:45

Dan: The Wonderful 101, Smash Bros 3DS demo

Will: Smash Bros. 3DS demo, Diablo 3

Eric: FIFA 15 early access

Corey: Divinity, Steamworld Dig, Luftraisers, Mario Kart 8


Feedback: 01:46:00