Episode 161: Skyrim Mods

One of the main reasons a game like Skyrim is better on a PC is of course...the vast amount of mods.  Skyrim was designed with player made mods in mind, and the community did not disappoint.  You can find Skyrim mods for just about anything, gameplay improvements, graphics improvements, quests, NPCs, even entirely new continents.  For this week's episode, the Thumbstick Athletes cover some of more popular and useful mods available right now as well as the various ways you can get them.


Where Dan found the majority of his mods

Nibblebits: 00:01:20

Will: Gamescom Game preorders per console

Corey: NHL 15 for PS4 and XBox One will be missing features

Dan: Paradox new game Ancient Space


Our Weeks: 00:07:00

Corey: Jarad's bike was stolen, drizzle

Will: Diablo 2

Dan: Cosmos on Netflix, new xbone thumbsticks in Dualshock 4, Jawbone Jambox, History of Rome podcast


Main Segment: 00:11:52

What We Played: 00:47:06

Will: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Diablo 2

Corey: Divinity Original Sin

Dan: Skyrim, The Last of Us


Feedback: 01:07:55