The Letter "A": Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode: 213

We decided for a new episode type to cover everything under a letter of the alphabet.  It doesn't make much sense at first, but as we got into our research for the episode, we figured out that it means we get to cover a lot of things that otherwise wouldn't get any mention on one of shows.  Old and obscure games, shut down development studios, and the stories behind them can be fabulously interesting and now we get to cover them!

We also had a recording snafu this week, so we wont list the times for the segments's about time for and equipment upgrade!



Dan: Final Fantasy 7 coming to iOS

Corey: Rainbow 6 Siege delayed until December 1st

Will: Techland willing to take over development of Dead Island 2


Our Weeks

Will: late night

Dan: also sleep deprived, Game of Thrones

Corey: rash, fixed bike


What We Played

Dan: Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout Shelter

Corey: Rocket League, Dark Souls, Hearthstone, Final Fantasy Type-0

Will: Heroes of the Storm




Twitch Broadcast