Windows 10: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode: 211

With a new version of Windows usually comes a host of problems for gamers;  incompatiblites with drivers, games, that usually take a months to get ironed out.  While we aren't doing a comprehensive breakdown covering all the new features, we do cover our upgrade experiences and the features that we use, including trying some games out in the new OS.

Main Segment: 00:01:20


Nibblebits: 00:37:30

Eric: Quantum Break gets an April 5th release date

Corey: New Heroes of the Storm characters

Will: Don't Starve getting third expansion called Shipwrecked

Dan Scalebound gameplay


Our Weeks: 01:08:40

Will: road trip to see corey

Eric: roadtrip to see Corey

Dan: Shield Tablet trade in

Corey: wedding, Bloodborne


What We Played: 01:39:13

Corey: Angry Birds 2, Bloodborne, Rocket League

Dan: Mario Kart 8, Valkyria Chronicles

Eric: Rare Replay, Heroes of the Storm

Will: Heroes of the Storm


Feedback: 02:18:30

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