Episode 154: Valiant Hearts

Another UbiArt Framework game makes it's way into the hands of consumers.  Ubisoft's wonderful and artistic engine that brought to life such gems as Rayman Legends and Child of Light is put to use to tell a different type of war story.  Set during World War I, Valiant Hearts differentiates itself from other war games by showing the human cost of war, and it's toll on the friends and family of those involved.  World War I was a trans-formative conflict that shaped the modern world, but thus far has been underrepresented in videogames.  Hopefully Valiant Hearts can spark an interest in more games exploring the very unique and fascinating circumstances surrounding The Great War.


- WildStar, Civilization Revolution 2, Hearthstone

Main Segment 00:03:18

Nibble Bits 00:19:12

Dan: New Oculus Rift development kits are being shipped sometime this month

Will: Sign up for the Evolve Alpha for PC

Eric: Civilization Beyond Earth comes out October 24th

Our Weeks 00:34:42

Eric: World Cup, Video Game funk

Will: Hockey free agency, Fourth of July, Deleted Twitter app

Corey: Gaming

Dan: House Work, Cafepress

What We Played 01:01:33

Corey: WildStar, Borderlands 2, The Room 2, Hearthstone, Civilization Revolution 2

Will: WildStar,  Dragon Age

Eric: Fifa

Dan: WildStar, Mario Kart 8

Feedback 01:19:00

Roundtable 01:31:15

Corey: Favorite games we've played this year