Episode 153: Tomodachi Life

"What the hell is Tomodachi Life?"  Was my first question upon hearing the name of the new 3DS title.  Coming from Nintendo, you could guess it would be something interesting at the very least.  What you get is one of the more entertaining life simulator games where your created Miis of friends and family interact in interesting and entertaining ways on a secluded island.  Though only two Athletes purchased Tomodachi Life, all were able to give it a try with some demo codes that were provided with the retail copy of the game.


- Battlefield Hardline, Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Shovel Knight, Risk Legacy, Risk Of Rain, Wild Star, Poker Night, Euro Truck Simulator, Kingdoms Of Amalur


Main Segment 00:02:09


Nibble Bits 00:37:04

Will: Sony Online Entertainment added a new continent to Planetside 2 called Hossin

Dan: Hackers got into CD Projekt Red's Google Drive leaking Witcher 3 info

Eric: The new Zelda may have multiplayer

Corey: Cooking Mama 5 is coming to the US


Our Weeks 00:58:30

Eric: Brooklyn Visit, World Cup

Corey: Steam Sales, Girl Meets World

Will: Steam Sales, Mono, Warped Tour

Dan: Steam Sales, Steam In Home Streaming


What We Played 01:19:10

Mario Kart 8 discussion

Eric; Battlefield Hardline

Will: Kingdoms Of Amalur, Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare

Corey: Risk Of Rain, Euro Truck Simulator, Kingdoms Of Amalur, Poker Night

Dan: Watch Dogs, Dragon Age, Wind Waker HD, Shovel Knight


Feedback 01:49:33