Batman: Arkham Knight: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 207

For this week, we cover the supposed finale of the Arkham trilogy of Batman games.  (Origins was a prequel)  The hot new addition in Arkham Knight was the implementation of the Batmobile and all the mechanics that come along with it.  It has and interesting tank mode in addition to the usual vehicular mechanics in a game, which is instrumental in helping Batman take down the army of drones and mercenaries at the Arkham Knight's disposal.  The Batmobile seems to be loved or hated amongst Arkham fans, and a player's enjoyment of Knight seems to be directly linked to how much the player likes the new mechanics.

Main: Pretty much right off the bat!

Nibblebits: 00:29:35

Corey- Minecon was this past week, and Windows 10 edition of Minecraft was announced

Eric- New Rayman mobile game announced

Dan-  Tales of Zestria and Tales of Symphonia HD remake coming to Steam


Our Weeks: 00:46:30

Corey- 4th of July, house sitting, new Dragon Ball Z, Knights of Sidonia

Eric- away for 2 weeks on work, Women's US soccer World Cup victory

Dan- Rootbeer beer


What We Played: 01:01:25

Eric- Freedom Wars, Driveclub PS+ Edition, Smash Bros. 3DS, Heroes of the Storm

Dan- BioShock Infinite


Feedback: 01:14:30


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