Episode 157: The Crew Beta

The only one of us that was able to secure beta code for The Crew was Eric.  Eric, of course, is the only one of us that doesn't have a computer capable of playing it.  Luckily he was able to secure one though, as it was his intention all along to pass the code on to one of us to give it shot, and thus Dan ended up with The Crew beta code.  Before this week's episode, both Will and Eric were able to spend a bit of time playing The Crew to get a feel for it so we could have a discussion about it.  We also had a discussion/interview with a retired professional hockey player about his playing days.  Thanks Neil!


Show Notes

Main Segment 00:03:00

Nibble Bits 00:21:10

Eric: Playstation Play lineup

Will: Sheik is playable in Hyrule Warriors

Dan: 2K is teasing something Bioshock related

Corey: Titanfall now has in game currency

Our Weeks 00:36:32

Corey: Star Trek Into Darkness, Little Brother book

Eric: Arsenal vs Red Bulls

Will: Haircut, Alison and Neil visiting, Gun shooting

Neil: Back in Binghamton



Neil Interview 00:53:40

Mario Kart Discussion 01:19:32 

What We Played 01:25:30

Eric: Destiny Beta

Will: Hearthstone, Xbox One

Corey: Divinity Original Sin, Timberland, Hearthstone

Dan: Civilization 5

Feedback 01:48:40