I am Setsuna: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 262

This week we cover Tokyo RPG Factory's first game, I am Setsuna., a JRPG throwback to the Chrono Trigger days. Other highlights include Will's time with We Happy Few, the launch of The PoGO Podcast,

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Show Notes

00:02:20 - I AM SETSUNA

00:23:50 - NIBBLEBITS

No Man's Sky will not require PS+; The Nintendo NX is a handheld, console hybrid, according to rumors; We Happy Few is out on early access; Valkyria Chronicles is on the Windows Games store for a Summer Sale; Heroes of the Storm is releasing Ariel this week; Square Enix announced an Apple Watch exclusive, Chaos Rings; Pokemon GO Plus is delayed until September.

00:34:00 - OUR WEEKS

Will and Corey launch The PoGO Podcast, a podcast all about Pokemon GO; Will takes a spontaneous trip to New Hampshire; Eric does some in the field marketing and battles the heat (and buys a 2DS); Dan takes the chitlins to see Finding Dory and accommodates Lularoe.

00:58:00 - WHAT WE PLAYED

Eric returns to his roots with Pokemon Yellow on the 2DS, talks Pro Evo 2017 and finishes with more Rocket League talk; Corey needs to get some Hearthstone off his chest; Will spent some time with We Happy Few (on early access); We round things off with a lot more Pokemon GO chatter;

01:38:10 - FEEDBACK

We're asked what our ideal gaming situation is and, of course, gush over the upcoming No Man's Sky.