Rocket League: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 209

Though we've talked about it before, we decided to do an episode on Rocket League due to its overwhelming popularity and universally stellar reviews.  Also....Eric was kind enough to buy a Steam copy for the penniless Dan, so he and Corey could play too.  Cross-platform multiplayer needs to happen more often.  For the episode, we get a little more in-depth on the controls and strategy of Rocket League as well as offer some ideas on how to improve on the already excellent multiplayer experience.

Main Segment: 00:02:20


Nibblebits: 00:40:20

Corey- New Witcher 3 patch causing performance issues

Will- King Leoric added to Heroes of the Storm Roster

Eric- New Xbox One bundle

Dan- Gears of War Ultimate PC edition releasing later than XBONE version


Our Weeks: 00:58:00

Will- vacation, Warped Tour, sick

Eric- nada

Corey- Scruffy the Duck :(

Dan- new TV with dead pixels


What we Played: 01:24:15

Will- Heroes of the Storm, Rock Band, Smash Bros. Wii U, Journey, Earthbound

Dan- Splatoon, Remember Me

Eric- Heroes of the Storm

Corey- Hearthstone, Etrian Mystery Dungeon


Feeback: 02:16:00

Question of the Week: Favorite game this year so far?

Next week's QotW: Which fast food restaurant would work at for $15 an hour?


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