Episode 155: Top 5 Co-op Games

Though we had originally planned on doing this week's episode on Shovel Knight, at the last minute we realized that none of us really had gotten a chance to play.  Luckily we were able to call an audible and change the episode topic to our 5 favorite co-op games.  Though Corey was unable to join us this week, we should be able to coax a few games out of him for next week's episode. 


- Hearthstone


Nibble Bits 00:03:09

Will: Gearbox announces a new IP called Battleborn

Eric: Project Spark is coming out in October

Dan: New 2K game Humble Bundle


Our Weeks 00:16:00

Eric: World Cup, Arsenal signs Alexis Sanchez

Will: Warped Tour

Dan: Gaming funk


What We Played 01:03:37

Eric: Hearthstone, Fifa, Max: Cursed Botherhood

Will: Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare, WildStar

Dan: Resogun, Mario Kart 8


Feedback 01:13:39