Pokemon Go / Inside: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 260

In this week's episode, our dual main segment covers two sensations, the wildly popular Pokemon Go and the beloved indie, Inside.

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Show Notes

00:02:47 - POKEMON GO

00:57:00 - INSIDE

01:11:00 – NIBBLEBITS
Lots of Overwatch news, No Man’s Sky has gone gold, PewDiePie and Warner Bros. are hit with an FTC order, Evolve is now free to play and Rocket league is adding crates. But the most exciting: No Man's Sky has gone gold.

01:23:16 - OUR WEEKS
Corey watches The Big Short and The Invitation on Netflix. Eric takes the lady to see The Secret Life of Pets

01:33:00 - WHAT WE PLAYED
Dan plays a little Sim City build it and lots of The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone. Corey and Eric have nil.

01:40:00 - FEEDBACK
We chat the ending (and alternate ending) of INSIDE without spoiling anything. And recall Red Dead Redemption.