Episode 151: E3 2014 Recap

For the third E3 we've covered as a podcast, we didn't have as high hopes as in year's past.  The new consoles are out, so there wouldn't be anything new to report on that front.  As far as games go, many of the games coming out later this year have already been announced and we know quite a bit about them already.  We've also been snake bitten before, as some games in the past have been announced WAY too early and probably won't be released for awhile still (ehem, The Division.)  Then there's Nintendo, who consistently goes about their business as if in a vacuum.  Despite all this, there is always the chance that something will both surprise and delight us, and that's why we watch.


No show notes this week, as the entirety of the episode is about E3, with feedback happening at the very end of the episode.