Episode 149: Watch_Dogs

Delay after delay, hype heaped upon hype.  To many it seemed that Watch_Dogs was never going to come out.  How could it possibly live up to all the hype and fervor generated for the fateful 2012 E3?  The delays could likely be a sign that Ubisoft had been unable to keep their promises?  Surely Watch_Dogs could have been a candidate for indefinite hiatus only to be officially cancelled years down the road.  Seemingly against all odds, Watch_Dogs is now available to the grubby masses.  As usual the Athletes dissect the game in question and talk controls, missions, the "seamless" multiplayer, characters, and how Watch_Dogs compares to similar games in the genre.


-Wolfenstein, Steam In Home Streaming


Main Segment 00:03:15


Nibble Bits 00:52:40

Will: Ike is returning to Super Smash Bros

Corey: Valve delays Steam Machines and Controller to 2015

Eric: Bethesda working on a game called Battlecry

Dan: Xbox One controller to be compatible with PC soon


Our Weeks 01:11:50

Eric: Giantbomb Podcast, The Order 1886, Soccer, Mario Kart 8

Will: Montreal Canadian hockey

Corey: Monreal Canadian hockey, Saw Modest Mouse, Steam In Home Streaming

Dan: Mario Kart 8 excitement, Origin has Battlefield 3 for free 


What We Played 01:32:35

Eric: Wolfenstein The New Order

Will: Bravely Default

Corey: Mario Golf World Tour, Infinity Blade 3, War In The North, Transistor, Dark Souls II

Dan: Earthbound, Dark Souls


Feedback 02:01:06