Episode 150: Mario Kart 8

It's episode 150 and we forgot to plan something special.  Mario Kart 8, however, more than made up for our lack planning and foresight.  The two Wii U owners of the group both bought MK8, and one of the Athletes bought a Wii U specifically for it.  As usual, we cover some of the new additions, our thoughts, but also have a discussion on what qualifies Mario Kart 8 as "beaten."



Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

Main 00:05:00

Nibblebits: 00:40:30

Will: IGN reports The Last Guardian is cancelled, Sony says no

Corey: Sign up for The Witcher Adventure game on gog.com

Dan: Dark Souls 2 getting three pieces of DLC this summer


Our Weeks 00:51:47

Eric: US soccer game, can't wait for the World Cup, Derek Season 2

Dan: bought Dishonored, Dragon Age II, Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, listening to Fellowship of the Rings audiobook

Corey: at the Jersey shore with friends, Rangers in Cup finals

Will: rangers


What We Played 01:08:50

Will: Bravely Default

Corey: Threes! Dark Souls II

Eric: Watch_Dogs, EA UFC Demo

Dan: Watch_Dogs, Transistor, Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall


Feedback 01:35:40

Roundtable 01:47:47