New Mario Kart 8 DLC: Thumbstick Athletes Podcast Episode 197

Nintendo deserves some recognition for the awesome DLC they put out for the already awesome Mario Kart 8.  Not only were the 16 new tracks, a bunch more racers and kart parts reasonably priced, but also of top notch quality.  At $8 individually or $12 for both pieces, we felt compelled as consumers of games to cover Mario Kart 8 again along with it's DLC and new (free) 200cc mode.

Main Segment: 00:03:20


Dan: Mighty No.9 comes out September 15th

Corey: Valve's paid mod controversy

Eric: PS Plus May games

Will: Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN2


Our Weeks

Will: busy

Eric: hockey, Chef's Table

Corey: Job

Dan: Hot Fuzz, car shopping, Son's b-day


What We Played

Eric: Bloodborne, Heartstone, Smite on XBOX One, Rocket League, HotS

Corey: HotS

Will: Story of Seasons, Wii U talk

Dan: Pillars of Eternity, Mario Kart 8 online



Question of the Week

Which cover athlete is totally wrong for their game?

QOTW for next week:

Worst experience with someone online?

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