Why it's Important For Heroes of the Storm to Get Matchmaking Right

If you listened to Episode 197, you probably heard me announce my retirement from Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm at the top of the podcast. If you tuned in through the "what we played" segment, you heard me recall an unfortunate series of games in which the all too familiar MOBA curse of toxic players reared its ugly head.

As it turns out, Hero League's matchmaking (Heroes of the Storm's ranked mode) was dreadfully broken that night. For instance, I, at rank 47, was matched with players around rank 15 in one game and as you can imagine, they were none too happy.

While I can confirm nothing, I wonder if bad matchmaking was responsible for the other matches I played that night.

To summarize, teammates continually harpooned teammates for their build choices and gameplay decisions.  It's not uncommon in online games (particularly MOBAs) but I hadn't seen it that bad in HotS until that night. The ritual razzing in three straight matches not only ruined the fun for me, but affected my teams' ability to work together. Insults took precedence over strategy and teamwork. The last match I played I was the victim, repeatedly harassed over my inability to satisfy my team. 

MOBAs are already known for their toxic communities and if Heroes of the Storm is going to buck that trend when it releases this summer, successful matchmaking is crucial.

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