Why NHL 15 Will Get Me to Buy a New Console

I’ve held out on buying an Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U. Impressed with the pre-launch rhetoric but let down by launch titles, I even gave my PS4 preorder to someone else. The games just aren’t there for me yet on any console. This will change with time, of course.

The game that will push me over the edge is probably NHL 15. But not because I’m excited about its new “features” (there are exciting new changes in EA Sports games about as often as there are exciting new changes in American politics). It’s because I can’t live without it.

We all have that passion that we get really excited about. For some people it’s cars, lawn mowers or bourbon. For others it’s Beanie Babies, Creed or Jack-in-the-Box. Because of this passion, whatever it happens to be, we feel the need to be on the cutting edge of it at all times. Our passions define us. If we don’t have the newest, latest, best version of our passion then we lose the ability to consider ourselves an authority on it.

I’ve mentioned before that my two favorite things in the whole world are hockey and video games. EA Sports’ NHL 15 is a perfect manifestation of my passions in material form. It is my Horcrux, containing elements of my soul. Even for the iterations I wasn’t too fond of (looking at you NHL 13) I still need my hockey fix in gaming form. Without which, I cease to be me.

Unless something like Student Loan Debt Simulator comes out in the next couple months, I’ll for sure have a shiny new console come NHL 15 release day.


What game or franchise would, without question, get you to buy a new console?