Episode 147: MLB 14 The Show

Will takes the lead for this week's episode on the annual release of MLB The Show, with him being the biggest baseball fan of all of us.  He's also the only one of us who actually purchased and played MLB 14 The Show.  We talk about the usual of course, games modes, controls, etc; but also get into baseball games as whole and some of the ways The Show deals with long games.  The was also some breaking news during the end of the main segment.  At the end of the episode we give some updates as to what we're working content-wise and some of our plans for new types of content.


-Child Of Light, Dark Souls II, Mario Golf


Nibble Bits 00:01:57

Dan: Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition Announced, Far Cry 4 announced

Will: Flappy Bird is making its return in August with Multiplayer

Corey: The Division delayed to 2015


Our Weeks 00:13:57

Will: Almost done with school

Corey: Mothers Day, Graduation party

Dan Wii Wheels for Mario Kart


Main Segment 00:20:25


What We Played 00:50:37

Dan: Mario Golf, Child Of Light, Zero Escape, Dark Souls II, Earthbound

Corey: Mario Golf, Infinity Blade 2, Mii Force, Lord Of The Rings War In The North

Will: Mario Golf


Feedback/Other Discussion 01:11:35