Delaying my Enthusiasm

Anyone that has been a gamer their entire life will tell you that when release day of a game you have been drooling over for months finally arrives, you feel like a 10 year old kid on Christmas morning again.  Here I sit as a 30 year old man reading the news that FarCry 4 is coming out in November of this year!  This just became my most looked forward to game of the year.  It also means Christmas will be a month early when I get my hands on that frustratingly tight wrapper encasing my copy of FarCry 4 on November 18th.  That is unless of course the next installment in the FarCry series follows the obnoxiously annoying trend in today’s video game market.

Watch_Dogs has seen several delays.

Think back to when you first saw clips, and began reading about the Ubisoft Montreal developed Watch Dogs.  Remember that shit eating grin on your face when you thought about hacking into literally anything, or just causing a 30 car pile-up for a good laugh?  It was one of the most talked about games after E3 2012.  Ubisoft told us we could start hacking Chicago citizen’s lives Holiday of 2013.  We are now 2 weeks away from the games release in May of 2014.  The reason given for the delay was because the game needed “polish”.  Ubisoft said it was playable front to back in spring of 2013, but they wanted to make sure they did it right.  I am all for putting out a polished finished product, but you can’t dangle such a tasty looking treat in front of a gamer and then tell them their Christmas is being pushed back another 6 months.  This was especially traumatic due to the new console generation kicking off with a pretty underwhelming variety of games to sink our teeth into.

The Witcher 3, recently delayed until early 2015.

Unfortunately, the Watch Dogs saga was not to be last of its kind.  In recent months and weeks we have seen Driveclub, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Dying Light all pushed back.  Driveclub was a selling point for my purchase of a PS4.  It went from a release window PS Plus bonus exclusive game in November of 2013 to a recent announcement of September of this year with a pretty good heap of bullshit attached to it.  Witcher 3 was one of the show stoppers at last year’s E3.  You could hear jaws hitting basement floors around the world as gamers watched saw what CD Projekt Red had in store.  We were supposed to start gathering wild hunt trophies for Geralt’s belt later this year, but to everyone’s dismay we will now have to wait until February of 2015.  While I am admittedly not a big fan of Dead Island, I am very interested in what developer Techland is bringing to the table with Dying Light.  It looks like a game that can inject some life into what is quickly becoming an oversaturated zombie survival genre.  Tying parkour in with terrifying zombie chases in the dark has my heart racing just thinking about it.  There had been speculation that we could see the game as early as March of this year.  March came and went, and I have still yet to jump over hoards of zombies with any kind of style.  Then all of the sudden Techland announced the Dying Light was joining Witcher 3 as a February 2015 release.  While this does wonders for my 31st birthday gift wish list, the 30 year old version of me is growing more impatient by the second.  

Dying Light was also delayed until early 2015.

All of that brings me to the game that pushed me over the edge to the point where I for once found the ambition to turn on my laptop, and create some content a little outside of my realm.  Today Ubisoft announced that The Division, its upcoming open world MMO squad based shooter, is being delayed until sometime in 2015.  It should be said that this came as a surprise to just about no one.  That does not however ease my frustration with this common theme I am seeing.  It was very recently pointed out to me by the Giant Bomb podcast that there seems to be a cycle forming.  A game is announced at something like E3 in year 1 with a possible release date.  In year 2 the game is shown again at something like E3 with more gameplay and a more solid release date.  The game is then released almost 3 years after you first heard about it.  Why do this to us?  We may be a very outspoken bunch, but we as gamers can also be the most loyal and dedicated group of people you could ask for.  I am sick of these soft release dates that we all know are complete shit.  I would much rather be left in the dark about a game until there is a solid release date with no more time needed for “polish”.  

The Division, delayed for...who knows how long?

The Division was the game at last year’s E3 that left me willing to quit my day job to search this virtual New York City, and see what it has to offer.  By the time this game comes out, which in my honest opinion could be 2016, who knows where I will be in life.  With E3 right around the corner there are sure to be at least 2 or 3 games announced that grab me by the short hairs, and make me forget I probably won’t get my sausage fingers on them for another 2 years.  The biggest thing being delayed in my gaming world is my enthusiasm for games.