I Want More Companion Apps


I'm traveling this weekend and am currently on the go, which inspired me to bring up something I've mentioned on the podcast multiple times.

We all have phones, smartphones at that, so why don't more developers and publishers take advantage of that fact by creating companion apps for their games? Yes, they are out there, but most of them are not interactive and do not offer in-game incentives. Sure some people would like to check leaderboards constantly or see their kill/death ratio at the tap of their finger, while others may like to slide through game lore at their leisure.

I want more companion apps that allow me to participate in the fuller game on my console or PC. Every MMO should have this capability. Even if it's just crafting, or managing the marketplace. They already have their player base by the balls. Why not feed the addiction further and allow them to get their fix at work, on the loo, or while out on the road?

Every game could benefit from a companion app. And given the massive budgets triple A titles have these days, a relatively inexpensive companion app should be a no-brainer. 


What are your favorite companion apps?