Spyro the Dragon Coming to Heroes of the Storm

Lookin' sharp, tiny fire-breather.

Lookin' sharp, tiny fire-breather.

According to a report on the popular video game forum, NeoGAF, everyone's favorite PSX era platforming character, Spyro the Dragon will join Heroes of the Storm's cast with next week's update.

He will be available with the free hero rotation and for purchase for 15,000 coins or $9.99 USD. Those among you that keep all your old video games can also enter the UPC from your PSX Greatest Hits version of Spyro the Dragon on the Blizzard website to unlock him free of charge. You'll also get a killer Dark Spyro skin for being such a good hoarder. All this makes sense, given Blizzard Entertainment's position as a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard Inc. 

Included with the report is a leaked screenshot of Spyro in game and a few additional details. Spyro will fill the melee specialist role, but will share many similarities with Diablo including a dash (Shadow Charge) and fire breathing abilities. His most useful gameplay mechanic, however, is Sparx, a dragonfly pet that follows Spyro around and collects dropped map objective items like doubloons and gems, Spryo can then turn these items in normally.

Blizzard has not responded to our request for comment. An Activision representative simply tweeted "Spyro eats Warcraft for breakfast."