2017 Thumbies Prep - Podcast Episode 330

2017 Thumbies Prep podcast episode cover

This week we huddle on the Thumbies. For you initiates, that's the only Game Awards show that matters... to us. We'll figure out which categories are staying, which are going, any to add, alter or more clearly define, and maybe even set a date for the big show.

The show will be live streamed on Twitch Thursday, November 16th @ 8:30pm ET, with show notes here to follow.

Main Segment

2017 Thumbies Prep


Final Fantasy 15's protagonist, Noctis, will be joining the cast of Tekken 7.

Here are the Game Awards nominees.

Dynasty Warriors 9 get a February 13th release date for North America and Europe.

Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey Top US Sales Charts In October

Humble is giving out Killer is Dead for its Fall Sale

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Removes Microtransactions Right Now


Corey talks about Baby Driver and his first foray into cars (Bugatti Chiron?)

Dan changes his car's oil for the first time.

Eric does more baby planning and is elated about the Bill's QB change.

Will gets phone calls from Corey

What We Played

Dan played a good amount of Rocket League on the Switch

Feedback, Game Giveaway and Football Picks

Congrats to Idaho Jake, 5 consecutive wins of the game giveaway!