Sometimes a Guy Just Needs to Duty, Bro

It’s Friday night and you know what that means! Time to slam Bud Lights at Todd’s before we get our Red Bull and Vodka on at the club! Club’s closed… Bro? Guess it’s Duty ‘til we puke!

But seriously, it’s Friday and many of us 9 to 5ers get the weekend butterflies wondering what we’re going to do with all our free time. Friday afternoons are like falling in love, once a week, followed by a tragic breakup every Sunday night. It’s a sprint, but if you manage your time properly, you can hit all your bases and feel good about your “accomplishments.”

Unfortunately too many of us, including yours truly, panic and falter when presented with the gift of ample time.  The worst days are when I spend more time staring at my Steam library trying to figure out what to play than I spend actually playing. It’s right up there with the times I’m playing a game, very aware of how much time is passing, and cursing myself for not dedicating those minutes to another game.

But there is a category of games that cure this ill.  It’s a very specific type of game, often online multiplayer, consumable in small chunks and competitive. Call of Duty fits the bill. Titanfall also fits the bill along with Halo. The NHL series is ideal for me. FIFA is ideal for Eric and Euros. Any of these games can suck you in, fully immerse you for 15 to 30 minutes, then spit you out, a champion of time management.

Most people have their “sometimes a guy just needs to Duty, bro” game in their library. I haven’t had mine since I drunkenly knocked over my 360 while it was spinning NHL ’14, scratching it to hell.

But I think I just found something. Next time I’m staring at my Steam library, wondering whether to marathon South Park: The Stick of Truth, get knee deep in Dark Souls 2 or just give up and go to the bar, I think I’ll reach for my old friends and play nine holes with Mario and pals in Mario Golf: World Tour.

Sometimes a guy just needs to golf, bro.


What’s your sometimes a guy just needs to Duty, bro game? Let us know in the comments! below!