Episode 145: Dark Souls II

For this week, the PC release of Dark Souls 2.  The notoriously aggravating and difficult RPG from Namco Bandai Games and From Software has of course been out on last-gen consoles for a little while now, so you've probably heard Eric talk it about it a little bit already.  Now that the PC version is out, Dan and Corey get their first taste.  We talk about some of the mechanics, some boss fights, the multiplayer, how awesome it is...you know, the usual. 


-Trials Fusion, Mario Golf World Tour, Child Of Light, Call Of Duty announcement


Main Segment 00:02:13


Nibble Bits 00:47:55

Dan: PC gaming now gains more revenue that Console gaming

Will: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare announced

Corey: XGames sponsoring a Call Of Duty tournament

Eric: Xbox Television shows List


Ours Weeks 01:17:38

Eric: American Hustle, Inbetweeners

Will: Hockey

Corey: Hockey, Article A Day In May

Dan: Video gaming


What We Played 01:25:00

Corey: Find Mii, Mario Golf World Tour

Eric: Trials Fusion

Dan: Mario Golf World Tour, Bravely Default, Skylanders Swap Force, Sir You Are Being Hunted, Child Of Light

Will: Child Of Light, Bravely Default, DOTA 2


Feedback 01:49:16