Episode 146: Child of Light

We talk about the very anticipated Child of Light for this week's episode.  For the first time in awhile we all played the game our episode subject is on, so you get to hear the perspective of all of us.  Child of Light is the $15 JRPG (sort of a JRPG anyway) from Ubisoft with stunning art style and music that is amazing and a perfect compliment to it's subject.  We get into whether or  not we think Child of Light is more than it's pretty face as well as respond to some the criticisms levied against it. 


- Sharefactory, Mario Golf, Zero Escape


Main Segment 00:02:02


Nibble Bits 00:45:22

Will: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are getting full remakes

Eric: Valiant Heart: The Great War launches June 25th

Corey: The new Walking Dead episode comes out May 13th

Dan: Battlefront is going to be shown off at E3


Our Weeks 01:05:02

Eric: NFL Draft

Will: Work

Corey: Botanical Gardens, Podcast Housekeeping, Gaming

Dan: Preds new coach


What We Played 01:20:14

Dan: Mario Golf, Dark Souls II, Zero Escape

Corey: Mario Golf, Dark Souls II

Eric: Mario Golf, Trials Evolution

Will: Mario Golf, Bravely Default


Feedback 01:59:03