Episode 142: XBOX One

Now that one of us has finally gotten an XBOX One, it was high time we had an episode dedicated to it.  Will has of course had some experience with a friend's new XBOX One, but with Eric getting one, and having the opportunity to play many of the exclusives, we are now able to officially cover the new system.  Among the things covered were menus, system features, kinect, games, and even the ease of use for someone who is a non gamer in using Netflix and media capabilities.  Towards the end of the main segment we also compare the XBOX One and PS4, talking about the pros and cons of each system.


- Dota 2


Nibble Bits 00:02:31

Eric: The Last Of Us coming out for PS4

Will: You can sign up for the Fortnite alpha

Dan: Supergiant Games gives Transistor a release date


Our Weeks 00:18:33

Will: Nothing

Eric: Bought tickets to the Arsenal, Red Bulls game

Dan: PAX East


Main Segment 00:25:43


What We Played 00:56:45

Will:Dynasty Warriors  8 Xtreme Legends, Bravely Default, Dota 2

Dan: Dota 2, Titanfall, The Banner Saga, Bravely Default


Feedback 01:17:55


Roundtable 01:35:00

Will: Should I buy The Last Of Us