Episode 136: 2014 Four in February Finale


For this year's Four in February we went a slightly different route and selected games for each other from the ole backlog.  The final game was voted on from among three choices by the community, and the result couldn't possibly be more varied.  We had one that barely even started their games, one that beat one and played most of his others briefly, one that cut it really close, finishing with under an hour left in February, and one that finished with relative ease.  You could probably guess from the handy graphic which is which, but listen on to find out the how and why of our decisions, as well as thoughts on these games.  

- Bravely Default, Final Fantasy 14 beta, Banished, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Thief, Basement Crawl

Nibble Bits 00:01:53
Dan: Twitch Streaming coming to Xbox One on March 11th
Will: Awesomenauts Assemble is coming to the PS4 March 4th
Eric: Playstation Plus March games
Corey: Nintendo is shutting down online services for the Wii and DS

Our Weeks 00:27:30
Corey: Four In February, Hockey
Dan: Hockey
Will: Video Games, Pretty Little Liars, Jailbreaking iPhone
Eric: Hockey, New TV shows

Main Segment 00:53:11

What We Played 01:25:34
Dan: Final Fantasy 14 beta, Bravely Default
Eric: Final Fantasy 14 beta, Bravely Default
Will: Final Fantasy 14 beta, Basement Crawl, Thief, Fire Emblem: Awakening
Corey: Bravely Default, Banished

Feedback 02:21:05

Roundtable 02:47:42
Corey:Peter Molyneux's comments towards Fable
Eric: Ten games turning ten, Sony Virtual Reality
Dan: Games we wish we didn't buy.